4-H Program Assistant receives Awards

Stephanie Minton, 4-H Program Assistant for NC Cooperative Extension in Currituck County, was recently awarded the Outstanding Service Award for 4-H as well as the 4-H Program Assistant Award. The awards were presented at the NC Association of Extension Program Assistants, Associates and Technicians State Meeting held in Concord, NC in September.

“Stephanie is a very dedicated employee that is passionate about 4-H and the benefits it offers for the youth of our county and state. She works hard to ensure that there are ample opportunities for youth in Currituck to participate in various facets of the 4-H program” said Cameron Lowe, County Extension Director. Stephanie recently completed her term as State President of the NC Association of Extension Program Assistants, Associates and Technicians.

The awards received by Stephanie were designed to recognize professionals that contribute to the professional association, have outstanding programmatic accomplishments, and demonstrate teamwork with staff, volunteers and the community.

“I really believe in the 4-H program and try to go the extra mile for the participants and volunteers here in Currituck,” says Stephanie.steph award

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Cameron LoweCounty Extension Director, Currituck & Camden (252) 232-2261 Currituck County, North Carolina

Posted on Oct 17, 2013

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