Local Foods

— Written By Tommy Grandy and last updated by Donna Keene

The spring and summer vegetable and fruit season will soon be upon us. It will be great to begin having fresh local produce for families once again. During the 2013 growing season, the Currituck County staff of North Carolina Cooperative Extension distributed the Currituck Grown Local Food Newsletter monthly indicating the availability of locally grown produce that was in season and the growers selling this produce to the public. The first issue of the 2014 Local Foods Newsletter will be distributed around mid-April as spring produce becomes available. In order to meet needs of the readers of this newsletter, and anyone interested in buying locally produced foods for their family, the Currituck Extension staff would like to provide our readers an opportunity to give feedback on the Local Food Newsletter including any new information  they would like see. Issues of the 2013 Currituck Grown Local Foods Newsletter can be viewed by clicking on “Agriculture and Foods” in the left side bar of the Currituck Extension website at Currituck.ces.ncsu.edu.

Currituck County Extension would like for you take 3-5 minutes to complete the following survey on the Currituck Grown Newsletter. If you would like to start receiving the newsletter in 2014, please share your email, and request the newsletter on the survey form.