Youth Robotics Program

— Written By and last updated by Donna Keene

Currituck County 4-H is starting a Robotics Club for Kids. The purpose of the club is for youth to learn the basics of the Engineering Design Concept and to work together with other youth to begin to build and program their own Robots!

One may ask, why is robotics good for youth? Robotics engages kids in critical math, science & programming skills.

Using this curriculum, youth will:

• Build an understanding of basic science concepts related to robotics
• Apply the processes of scientific inquiry and engineering design
• Build skills in science, engineering and technology
• Use the tools of technology to enhance their learning
• Explore related careers in these fields
• Apply the skills and knowledge they are developing to new challenges

A kick-off meeting will be held at the Currituck County Center of N.C. Cooperative Extension office located at 120 Community Way, Barco, on March 27 from 5-7 p.m. This initial meeting is designed to meet parents, discuss plans for the club, and solicit ideas & support from volunteers.

For more information or to register, please call the 4-H office, 232-2262 or email: or