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High school students preparing for college entrance examinations like the ACT often find this to be a daunting and difficult task! Additionally, it is shown that, rural high school students who have an interest in pursuing careers in agriculture and other related fields, can sometimes have difficulty gaining admissions to 4-year institutions. This can be due in part to their test scores on college entrance examinations. In an effort to combat this trend, Currituck County Cooperative Extension Center will soon be offering a course to help students for the ACT College Entrance Examination through the A.S.P.I.R.E. (ACT Supplemental Preparation In Rural Education) Program.

The A.S.P.I.R.E. program is designed to help bridge deficiencies in rural high school student performance on the ACT College Entrance Examination, thereby increasing the number of students pursuing higher education. The program will be open to high school sophomores and juniors and includes 30 hours of ACT course instruction where students will learn the tactics, strategies and skills needed to successfully tackle the ACT test. This is a joint initiative through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at North Carolina State University and North Carolina Cooperative Extension, and will utilize study materials and practice tests provided by The Princeton Review.

ASPIRE classes are scheduled to coincide with statewide ACT test dates so times and dates for courses will be forthcoming. For more information contact the N.C. Cooperative Extension Currituck County Center at 252-232-2262.