Currituck Youth Attend Speaking Contest

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Currituck Youth Attend Speaking Contest

Public speaking is an important life skill for youth and adults alike. While few careers depend solely on public speaking for success, there are even fewer employees whose careers do not require them to demonstrate successfully the ability to present information to others. Fortunately, 4-H offers opportunities for young people to develop the confidence needed to speak in front of others.

This past week, 4-H’ers in Currituck County had the opportunity to practice their public speaking skills through participation in the Northeast District 4-H Activity Day. The event was held in Beaufort County on May 14. Youth from across our District, which includes 22 counties, met to give presentations, public speeches and participate in outdoor cooking contests.

In order to participate in this event, 4-H’ers must prepare and present a 5-12 minute presentation or speech on a chosen topic. Nineteen youth from Currituck attended. County winners included:

Morgan Fuller 9-10 Egg Cookery Silver Medalist

Willow Beaty 9-10 Fisheries & Aquatic Resources Silver Medalist

Sammy Shawgo 9-10 Fisheries & Aquatic Resources Gold Medalist

Cayden Lowe 9-10 Horse Silver Medalist

Jayla King 9-10 Safety Gold Medalist

Armani Rascoe 11-13 Agriculture Science Silver Medalist

Ashton Lowe 11-13 Arts & Communications Gold Medalist

Abbigail Owens 11-13 Careers & Entrepreneurship Bronze Medalist

Alexis Berg 11-13 Foods & Nutrition Gold Medalist

Shyanne McLeod 11-13 Horse Public Speaking Gold Medalist

Ian Beaty 11-13 Science and Technology Gold Medalist

Tucker Melton 14-18 Citizenship & Community Service Gold Medalist

The goal of the North Carolina 4-H Program, conducted by North Carolina Cooperative Extension at North Carolina State and North Carolina A&T State Universities, is to assist youth and adults in becoming competent, coping and contributing members of a global society, and developing life skills through planned learn-by-doing experiences. For additional information, contact your local Extension Center’s 4-H Staff, 232-2262.