Now Is the Time to Prepare

Posted On October 4, 2016— Written By

While the actual track is still a bit uncertain, Hurricane Matthew appears to be on a path toward our area. Now is the time to make preparations at home as well as plan for a potential evacuation. NC State Extension has a variety of factsheets that can help you prepare.

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Correct Potential Hazards Before a Disaster

During and right after a disaster, any household item that can move, fall, break, or cause a fire becomes a home hazard. To minimize possible danger, inspect your home now …

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Helping Your Family Prepare Before a Disaster

Don’t be reluctant to talk with your family about the possibility of a hurricane, fire, tornado, or flood. Thought and action before the disaster hits usually helps family members react …

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A Disaster Kit for Staying at Home

This publication covers the supplies you will need at home in the event of an emergency or disaster.

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Evacuation Disaster Kit

This publication covers the supplies you will need for a lengthy stay in a shelter during an emergency or disaster.