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The 2018 Northeast District 4-H Activity Day is just around the corner; so it’s time for all youth to “Stand Up and Be Heard”. Good public speakers are made-not born, and the 4-H Public Speaking program allows youth to develop and practice these essential skills in a positive and fun learning environment. Northeast District Activity Day, the 4-H Presentation Competition, will be held on Wednesday, June 20, 2018 in Warren County.

For this contest, youth ages 9-18, research, write, practice, and deliver a 5-12 minute presentation on a topic of their choice. Youth ages 5-8 can also participate by presenting a 2-4 minute presentation on the subject of their choice. The Extension Staff is available to assist youth with presentation preparation such as topic selection, outline, and organization. They can also provide many opportunities for practice, both individually and before a panel of “judges”.

Confident public speaking is a crucial, but often overlooked and underdeveloped, skill. Developing effective communication skills and techniques provide youth with a positive sense of self and higher levels of self-confidence. This will empower them to achieve and succeed in any situation they encounter.

For more information about 4-H Presentations or to sign up for this fun and exciting event, contact Sherry Fischlschweiger at the 4-H office today by calling 252-232-2262 or email sherry_fischlschweiger@ncsu.edu. See the 4-H Presentations flyer for more information on the Presentation Categories

4-H is North Carolina’s largest youth development organization, equipping more than 247,000 young people each year with the skills to succeed and improve the world around them. 4-H programs and camps encourage young people to “learn by doing,” helping them to develop into active, contributing citizens. NC State Extension and the Cooperative Extension Program at N.C. A&T State University coordinate 4-H programs statewide.

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