4-H Programs-Empowering Young People to Lead for a Lifetime

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Personal Development/Citizenship/Communications

4-H programs are grounded in the belief that kids learn best by doing. Through hands-on learning, youth gain not only confidence, creativity, and curiosity, but also life skills such as leadership and resiliency that will help them thrive today and tomorrow.

4-H programming consists of hands-on projects and education in three core areas: Healthy Living, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and Citizenship. These programs and activities are conducted in a positive environment, under the guidance of adult mentors, and promote and encourage participating youth to take on proactive leadership roles. Furthermore, they are backed by a network of 100 public universities, such as NC State University, and a robust and diverse community of 4‑H volunteers and professionals. Youth can concentrate on one focus area or they can try a variety of programs throughout their 4‑H experience.

Citizenship & Community Action programming in North Carolina 4-H is divided into three focus areas: Personal Development & Leadership, Citizenship & Community Action, and Communications & Expressive Arts. These programs offer youth the opportunity to learn about civic affairs, build decision-making skills and develop a sense of understanding and confidence in relating and connecting to other people. These are the skills that help grow 4‑H youth into true leaders.

North Carolina 4-H offers a host of activities, programs, and opportunities for youth to gain an understanding of the meaning of leadership, the qualities of an effective leader,  and the chance to practice these skills. Some of the opportunities available are: serve as a teen leader or council officer in county clubs and on District and State youth councils, help to organize and implement community service projects like “Feed the Children”, serve as a camp counselor, attend leadership conferences and training, such as N.C. 4-H Congress, Teens Reaching Youth (TRY-Team), and 4-H Ambassadors.

Opportunities also abound in the focus areas N.C. 4-H Citizenship and Communications Arts programming. Public Speaking competition at the district and state, 4-H photography contests, Citizenship NC Focus, 4-H Entertains talent show, Application, Interview Resume and Interview contest, NC State Fair 4-H Art, Essay and Craft competitions, County and State Heritage programs and many many more. These events and activities engage and empower youth to pursue their passions, give back to their communities, understand the value of arts and humanities in self-development, recognize their personal creative abilities and become skilled at sharing those abilities with others.

For more information about these program areas and upcoming programs and events check the Currituck County website or contact the 4-H staff at 252-232-2262.