Recycle Your Christmas Tree

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Recycle your tree logo imageFresh cut Christmas trees are such a peaceful sight during the holidays, but once the packages disappear and the needles begin littering the floor they can be somewhat of a burden. Rather than sending your once treasured tree to the landfill, consider these alternative ways to dispose of your tree.

Do the Prep Work

First and foremost, remove all ornaments, lights and any tinsel or other decorations. Be sure you examine the tree closely – you don’t want to lose any of your treasured heirlooms! Giving the tree a good shakedown once outside will help ensure nothing was left on the tree.

Stabilize the Dunes

Many communities in our area accept old Christmas trees to use in the dune stabilization process. What better way to help in the fight to stave off erosion and overwash than donating your tree to serve as a front-line soldier in the battle? The trees are placed near existing sand dunes and used to capture sand and grow the dune structures.

Create a Habitat for Fish

If you have a pond on your property, old Christmas trees make excellent fish habitats. You’ll want to fully submerge the tree by using a concrete block or cement mold to weigh it down. The submerged trees make great habitats and breeding grounds for fish and can even serve as protection against predators.

Feed the Birds

Bird enthusiasts may be looking for a way to help our feathered friends survive the winter. To create a bird feeder from your old tree, simply find a place in your yard to prop the tree. “Decorate” it with ornaments of strung popcorn, dried fruit, or pinecones rolled in peanut butter and birdseed.

Do your part to help our environment this holiday season. Recycling your Christmas tree is green and clean!

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