Start the New Year Right-Set Goals for 2019

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According to recent studies, only 20% of the population set goals, and as many as 92% of those goals are never achieved. That same research shows that 84% of highly successful people, no matter what career field, regularly set and strive to achieve personal and professional goals. Goals are critical! They keep you focused on what’s important, and allow you to make the best use of the hours in each day. When tackled correctly, they force you out of your comfort zone and help you grow more than you would without them.

Encouraging your child to set goals will give them a sense of purpose which not only can improve their confidence and self-esteem, but will also help them learn to discover what it is they value and want to achieve. This builds their confidence as they acknowledge what they like most about themselves. They also determine what it is they value most in life, and because goals are meant to be personal and meaningful, kids will naturally gravitate to being driven by internal motivation.

Goal setting will also help children focus,  and that allows them to begin to develop decision-making skills. Children with goals have something to look forward to so they begin to make simple evaluations of options that may be moving them forward toward their goal. Additionally, as they progress toward goal achievement they will discover much about their own character and abilities.

The idea of goal setting for kids is that by starting them early with a few simple, realistic achievable goals, they will get started in the life-long process of thinking, planning and taking action to achieve results. Get the idea across to your child by pointing out how they are already using goal setting techniques and then start with small fun goals that can be achieved in a relatively short time. Meeting a goal gives them a surge of energy and gets them moving toward larger goals. Help them choose goals but do not choose for them or it will quickly become your goal and can lead to friction or general lack of interest. As adults, we have a much greater sense of what it takes to accomplish goals, so you can help by providing a reality check and including your children in your own goal setting so they can see how the process works. Be sure to applaud their efforts and celebrate when goals are accomplished.

            “People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.”

                                                         Earl Nightingale

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