Introducing Our New Video Series-“How To”

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Here at N.C. Cooperative Extension in Currituck County, we are passionate about extending accurate, research-based information that can improve lives to EVERYONE in our community. And while we know that our classes and hands-on educational experiences are the most effective way to extend that information, we recognize that not everyone can take advantage of these opportunities. So we’d love to introduce you to a new video series we’re offering online called “How To.”

Each month we will feature videos from our various departments giving you accurate information and “how to” instruction on various topics. In our first installment, you can learn “how to” prepare for an interview; “how to” prepare for the annual Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Day; and “how to” save money on your grocery bill. In the coming months, we’ll explore topics that will help you save time, money, or be more effective in your garden, kitchen, yard, with your family and in your day to day life.

Make sure you don’t miss a video by subscribing to our YouTube channel to see these and all our other informative videos. If you have ideas or suggestions for an upcoming edition, let us know.

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