Equine Hurricane Preparedness

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Hurricane Season is upon us. As a horse owner you must be prepared in the event we should get a direct hit. There are several things that you should keep in mind when making your preparations. Make sure your horse has updated medical records. This includes vaccines, health certificates,  and most importantly, a negative coggins dated within twelve months. Make sure your horse has proper identification. An example would be a monogrammed halter with name and contact information. Luggage tags work great too by braiding them in their mane or tail. Waterproof livestock markers can be used to write contact information directly on the horse. Make sure that you have current pictures of your horse, especially any scars or unusual markings. Things like this really help in the event your horse is lost.

In the event you have to evacuate, have a plan made in advance because most evacuation centers fill fast. Make sure you have enough grain and feed to last seven or more days if possible. Have an emergency medical kit for your horse such as bandages and wound ointments. Most hurricanes give us ample time to prepare, but do not wait until the last minute to make important decisions for your equine partner.

For more information on equine hurricane preparedness refer to the link provided below.

Horses and Horse Farms Hurricane Preparedness

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