2019 Wheat Variety Trial Results

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This year’s wheat variety trials were conducted in Camden, Perquimans, and Pasquotank Counties. Wheat varieties are listed by the highest average yield between the counties, with each county’s greatest yielding varieties colored. Production information for each location can be found on the second page. An additional, replicated variety trial was conducted in Chowan County at the 2019 Small Grains Field Day site. This replicated trial has the top six varieties listed in bold and can be found on the third page. Please consider the environmental note regarding this location and planting season found on the fourth page.

These variety trial results are shared with hundreds of farmers throughout the six most Northeastern counties in North Carolina. Without the support and contributions from our local growers and agribusinesses, this information would not be possible. We would like to thank all of the farmers and local businesses who have helped conduct this year’s Wheat Variety Trial. If you are interested in collaborating with the Northeast Ag Expo group to host Currituck County’s 2020 Wheat Variety Trial, please contact Adam Formella at (252) 232-2261 or by email at Adam_Formella@ncsu.edu.

wheat variety table with figures

2018-2019 Northeast Ag Expo Wheat Data-FINAL