Resources for Reopening

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As Currituck prepares to welcome non-resident property owners and subsequently, visitors back into our Outer Banks communities, it is important to be safe and prepared to manage any potential COVID-19 transmission. NC State University Extension has a wealth of research-based information that you can use and share to keep our community and our visitors safe.

There is evidence that COVID-19 remains viable on surfaces for hours and in some cases, even days. As we look forward to an increased population coming in contact with surfaces in grocery stores, farm stands, hotels, and rental homes sanitation is vitally important. The following links may prove helpful to you as you prepare your strategy to protect yourselves, your employees, your customers, and guests. 

Grocery stores, farm stands, and restaurants should be familiar with the information in the guidance below. Regularly following the recommended practices and posting information for employees and guests can minimize risk.

Farm stands, u-pick farms, and other agribusiness operations may have unique situations to consider in terms of customer and employee health. The resources below are designed specifically for these types of businesses.

You can find more information and resources to help you adapt to this new reality and enhance your safety and well-being by visiting the NC State Extension COVID-19 Resource portal at COVID-19 Resources and Infomation.

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