Let’s Make It Rain

— Written By make it rain game

For our game today, we are going to create a rainstorm through coordinated sounds made with body percussion. Appoint a leader to guide the participants, and instruct the participants to imitate the percussions sounds as directed by the leader. This game/activity is fun and can easily be repeated and expanded as you get good at it.

From the Hurry Up and Wait Activity Guide

Time:  10 minutes

Setting:  Quiet area where it is okay to make noise

Materials:  None

Participants:  At least 2. The more the better.

Prep:  None

  1.  Have everyone stand in a circle. Explain to the group that they are going to create a rain storm by creating sounds.
  2. The leader starts with a moment or two of expectant silence, then begins the storm by slowly rubbing his/her palms together.
  3. The person to the left joins, then the next, then the next, and so on around the circle until it comes back to the leader. It sounds as if wind and drizzle increase in intensity as it goes around the circle.
  4. The leader changes to snapping fingers, which is picked by the person to the left, and spreads again around the circle in the same way – the patter of the rain increases.
  5. The next sound is created by clapping hands – a hard rain now.
  6. As the storm builds the leader slaps their thighs and the sound spreads around the circle.
  7. While it is raining hard, the participants can either jump up or stomp together to make the sound of thunder as it is raining hard.
  8. From there, the storm begins to subside in a reverse of how it started – slapping thighs becomes clapping hands. Clapping hands become snapping fingers, which gives way to palms rubbing. Finally, palm rubbing becomes total silence again.

For some extra excitement, you could try this activity with the lights off, or with your eyes closed. Another cool extra is having a person turn the lights on and off quickly to imitate lightning during the height of the storm. This activity works well with a large group of people, so you may want to try this as an activity with a big group sometime in the future.

Helpful videos as examples:

A Choir Making the Sounds of a Rain Storm

How to Create a Rain Storm with Your Hands

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