Currituck Fall Fair Recap

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ferris wheel with words Fall Family Fun

This fall many of our traditional face to face community gatherings were cancelled or postponed as we learned how to combat COVID-19. Not to be deterred, N.C. Cooperative Extension in Currituck County took plans for their fall Harvest Festival online by offering the Fall Family Fun (Currituck Fall Fair) event through virtual means.

New videos, displays, and educational information were released throughout the months of September, October, and November. Participants and visitors could learn to make various fall crafts, create some exciting DIY games for their families, compete for awards in various virtual contests, and learn a little about our community along the way. The event also featured live, virtual reality “stage” presentations weekly. 

Contests offered ranged from the traditional Handmade and Homegrown Event to Flower Arranging Competitions and even Pet Talent Contests. In all, twelve contests were offered with 47 different entries. Ten craft videos were produced and shared along with eight DIY games for families to try. Fair foods included funnel cakes, corn dogs, deep-fried oreos, popcorn balls, and the less traditional but healthier mashed cauliflower, roasted pumpkin seeds, and sweet potato chips. In all, 21 recipes and videos were released. Sixteen educational exhibits were shared including those focused on what N.C. Cooperative Extension in Currituck County has to offer, as well as some Currituck Heritage videos such as decoy carving and the Currituck Beach Lighthouse. Finally, thirteen virtual reality stage events were offered celebrating award winners and highlighting fair activities.

The event attracted 152 registrations. Videos were viewed over 900 times. The website ( was viewed over 1800 times by nearly 400 different users. While the fair has ended and no new content will be added this year, the site will remain active, as will the youtube playlist which can be found at:

For more information on N.C. Cooperative Extension in Currituck County visit our website or contact Cameron Lowe at or via phone at 252-232-2261.