Currituck County is the most northeastern county in North Carolina. The mainland of the County connects the coastline of northeastern North Carolina with a peninsula that is bounded on the west by the North River, on the south by the Albemarle Sound and on the east by the Currituck Sound. Currituck County’s northern beach strand separates Currituck Sound from the Atlantic Ocean. The wide, clean, and beautiful beaches attract millions of vacationers each year. USA Today described the Currituck beaches as “one of the best undiscovered beaches on the East Coast.”Currituck County was one of the five original ports for North Carolina and one of the original counties. The Currituck County Courthouse and Jail are two of the oldest buildings in North Carolina. The original Courthouse was constructed in 1723. This building was replaced in 1842. It has since been renovated and currently houses the County’s governmental offices. In 1776, the Colonial Legislature granted permission to build a jail in Currituck County. The Currituck County Jail is one of the five oldest jails in North Carolina.The word “Currituck” in the Algonquian Indian language means ” The Land of the Wild Goose.” The abundant waters, marshes and woods still available in the County enable Currituck to enjoy a national and international reputation as a “Sportsman’s Paradise.” Hunting and Fishing guides still operate in Currituck as they have for centuries.

Cooperative Extension in Currituck

This year, Cooperative Extension is celebrating its centennial nationwide. Extension educators have been extending knowledge and changing lives for 100 years.  Extension in Currituck has a rich history of empowering people through education to improve their lives.  In 2013, Currituck Extension continued to build on this legacy for an even better future for Currituck citizens.

Cameron Lowe, County Extension Director, recently shared highlights of Extension programming in 2013 at the annual “Report to the People.”  Take a look at the video below and read the one page summary to learn more.  To see a more exhaustive report, you can view our plan of action and program impact reports linked below.

Currituck’s Report to the People – 2013 Review

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